Employee Engagement at Qniverse

In 2011, India made history by winning the second world cup for cricket under the captaincy of M.S Dhoni but it was the efforts of the whole team that brought glory to our country, not just one player. Like cricket every organization works best with an engaging team that works diligently for the vision of the company.

Employee engagement directly affects the productivity of the employee and leads to an overall progress for the organization.

It is a function of the relationship between an organization and its employees. It’s about improving your workplace and culture such that the employees feel more connected and dedicated to the company’s goals and values. It is based on trust, integrity, and communication between an organization and its members.

Employees at the core

Positive work culture has always been something that motivated Qniverse to stand where it does today. The company understands that the value that engaged employees can bring to an organization. The company’s leadership plays a crucial role in creating a culture of engagement. If a company can create an environment where concerns about work-life balance, opportunities for growth and development, pay, inclusiveness, value and respect are addressed using strategies and planned way, there obviously will be improved business results, talent retention, positive work environment, productive and innovative ideas and better decision making.

Initiatives For Employee Engagement

Qniverse provides learning paths and career paths for team members to keep them motivated and encourages constant improvement to build a positive quality culture. Quality Culture is the way people in an organization work together and its how everyone in the business functions and acts towards each other. The stronger the quality culture of the company the better employee engagement it possesses.

  • Training: For employer engagement to be effective, organizations must keep a tab on the current conditions of their respective industries and help employees develop the skills needed to keep up with constant changes. The organization must collaborate with the workforce programs and educational systems to understand and train future employees. Businesses must also support curriculum development and become involved in their future workers’ training. Be it in terms of betterment of technology to upscale or using different ways to approach a problem, learning and continuous improvement makes the employee highly engaged. Qniverse plans technical and non-technical programs in a timely basis to enhance the technical and non- technical skills. The company recently organized a ‘Communication Workshop’ that was segregated in four areas: Email Etiquette, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills and Internal Communication and Dealing with Clients.
  • Mentorship: Mentorship programs can make newcomers feel welcome, provide them with guidance and this also leads to higher retention rates and employee satisfaction. Mentors not only help mentees become successful professionals but also provide emotional support to the employees which takes care of their well-being. This leads to higher productivity and engagement of employees. It is important to get to know employees on a personal level. Provide them with the tools for success. Give them room to grow and train professionally.
  • Employee experience and well-being: This is done by creating the best possible work journey for employees while they are employed and even when they are not part of the organization. At Qniverse Wellness Initiatives are undertaken by the employees like practicing mindfulness mediation, listening to nature sounds, watching health related podcasts and repeating positive affirmation as an everyday morning practice for around 15 minutes before starting the day.
  • Survey and feedback: A good culture ensures regular feedback sessions taken into account to promote betterment in productivity of the organization and the employees. The various surveys and feedbacks at Qniverse are Employee Satisfaction Survey, Employee Engagement Survey, Organizational Culture Survey, 360 degree feedback.
  • Acknowledgement of the employee and diversity: Acknowledging good work with recognition by employees will only motivate and inspire employees to work more harder. Apart from this quality culture ensures openness to everyone be it colour, gender, race and this inclusion has a very positive effect on the employees. Qniverse recognizes the team members every month in the monthly company meeting, also in quarterly and annual programs. The Employee Engagement Team comes up with all the fun titles that do not seem too harsh even when someone does not receive it but has the value for one to strive to get it. Titles such as Rocking Rookie, Super Sensei, Social Butterfly, Team Titan are there to motivate the employees and built healthy competition.
  • Encouragement of creative ideas and opportunities to grow: Promoting creative and innovative ideas by the employees helps to keep the employees motivated and inspired. This increases the employee satisfaction rate, increases engagement and reduces the attrition rate of the employees.
  • Team Building Activities: Team building activities at Qniverse are planned on a monthly basis so that the team can learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, communicate more clearly, and build trust. Qniverse recently organized an event named “Paint, Sip and Socialize”. The company has organized several game nights, movie eve, stand ups, hiking, outdoor game tournaments as part of team building activities. Annual outing is planned for stress relief, networking, and skill development.
  • Monthly Company Meeting, Qniverse Quarter and Annual Gala: Company meeting is organized monthly to give company updates and celebrate success. Company organizes Qniverse Quarter quarterly. This involves talking about each other’s SMART Goals, what has been accomplished so far as a team, recognizing the team and ending with dinner & light music. Likewise, Annual Gala is organized on a year’s completion of the business with different themes each time. It is more about celebrating the company’s achievements and celebrating the team spirit.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Qniverse is transparent about CSR initiatives and reports the progress and achievements to its respective stakeholders. The company focuses on minimizing waste and using eco-friendly materials. It supports local products, does charitable donations, volunteers and partners with non-profit organizations. The company also promotes ethical and sustainable business practices and ensures the health and safety of its employees.

Employee Engagement Team’s efforts have led to –

  • Higher Employee Retention Rate
  • Lower Absenteeism Rate
  • Timely Project Completion
  • Higher Participation Rate
  • Higher Employee Referral Rates
  • Higher Job Satisfaction
  • Work-life balance of employees
  • Increased productivity and initiatives
  • Better collaboration and teamwork
  • Increased Innovation
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