Qniverse Launchpad: ERP and QA Internship to Lift-off your Career

The most recent batch of Qniverse Launchpad applications has concluded. Please stay connected for updates on future internship opportunities.

About Launchpad

Qniverse Launchpad is a paid internship program for anyone looking to lift-off their career in QA.  


We are currently looking for students and professionals from a Finance/Business and/or Computer Science background.

Who You Are

For ERP 

  • A student/professional with a Finance/Business Background (BIM, BBA, BBS, ACCA grads/students encouraged to apply).   
  • A team player with a knowledge of Finance and/or Business centric software preferred.

For QA 

  • A student/professional with a Computer Science/Engineering Background.
  • An analytical individual with prior programming experience. 

What You Will Do

As an ERP QA Intern, you will:  

  • Understand QA and Business Fundamentals.
  • Learn the ins and outs of ERP systems.   
  • Develop your data analysis and finance skills.  
  • Learn to write effective test cases for business applications.   
  • Get mentorship from experienced QA professionals.   
  • Be ready to QA ERP systems.  

As a QA Intern, you will:  

  • Understand QA fundamentals.  
  • Learn the ins and outs of QA automation.   
  • Master API testing with Postman.  
  • Implement performance testing with JMeter.   
  • Learn from experienced automation engineers.  
  • Learn to write basic automation scripts.   

Ready to join Qniverse?

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    Qniverse Launchpad Overview

    Our program is designed to provide a structured and engaging experience that prepares interns for future career success. Our program will run for 3 months, providing interns with ample time to immerse themselves in their assigned roles, projects, and tasks.

    Our skilled mentors will provide you with necessary guidance, support, and regular feedback to ensure interns receive personalized attention and guidance throughout their internship journey. Interns will be exposed to a lot of professional scenarios such as meetings, weekly updates, workshops, and assignments. We will also provide you exposure to real-time projects and guide you to be a reliable QA Engineers in the industry.

    Insights that might be helpful:

    • We will be organizing our internship program onsite.

    • You need to manage your own laptop, but we will be providing you with necessary resources except that.

    • We will be providing you with stipends that cover your transportation and lunch expenses.
    • You will get opportunities to work on our in-house projects, be part of company meetings, work on projects under the mentorship of our QA experts.

    • You can apply for this internship program through our website and LinkedIn.

    • You are required to commit three months of full-time work. Our work schedule is from 9 am to 5:30 pm.

    Application Process


    Behavioral and Technical Assessment



    The latest batch of Qniverse Launchpad application is already over, please stay in touch for future internships.

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