What is Spiral Model?

A spiral is a curve which begins at a point and moves farther away as it revolves around that initial point. In software development,  the spiral model follows a similar pattern as iterative and linear development happens at the same time. Hence, forming a Spiral. As such, the model is also relevant to testing and, in …

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What is V-Model Testing?

The V Model is a software development methodology that emphasizes testing throughout the life cycle. It is kind of like a V shape, where development and testing phases mirror each other.  In this blog, we will give you a quick rundown of V Model Testing and why it’s a valuable tool in your software development …

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Waterfall Testing in 2024

In a Waterfall, water falls in a downward motion with no way of returning. Waterfall testing employs a similar concept, where tests occur in linear and sequential phases.  Akin to a waterfall, each stage in the waterfall model flows into the next. So, the output of one phase is the input for the subsequent one.  …

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What is Agile Testing?

You might be familiar with the word “Agility” — the ability to move fast. Agile Testing is based on this concept of agility. And Agile, in software development, is a project management approach which involves breaking projects into three primary phases: plan, execute, evaluate. These three phases are performed quickly thus, you can move fast in …

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